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  • In house Financing Available
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  • Multiple Locations in the North Alabama Area
  • Family Friendly Atmosphere
  • Have been in the area for over 40 years.
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North Alabama Dentist

Multiple Locations Throughout Alabama

Visiting the dentist can be an incredibly stressful time for some people. Whether they've heard horror stories about the dentist or have personally had a negative experience, the idea of going back can be problematic. At Dental Associates, we are dedicated to providing patients with a sense of comfort. You deserve to have gentle and compassionate dental care, not a clinical feeling when you visit the dentist. Call one of our many convenient locations today!

We Accommodate Your Needs

Our flexible appointments are available to help accommodate your busy schedule. We understand how busy one can get and want to make it as easy as possible to come in and see a dentist. By having several different Alabama dental offices, you will likely be able to find one close to your home or work.

Our dental services include:

What's different about us?

Our multiple locations set us apart from other dental offices in the North Alabama area, providing our patients with a lot more flexibility. We hope that your dental experience will be as simple, easy, and comfortable as possible. Each of our dental offices strive to create a comfy ambiance so you feel relaxed and at ease. If you are searching for a dentist in North Alabama, visit one of our offices today!

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  • Athens: (256) 232-1404
  • Decatur: (256) 355-2275
  • Fyffe: (256) 623-2272
  • Madison: (256) 772-9988
  • Rogersville: (256) 247-1000
  • Decatur (Children's Dentistry): (256) 355-2132
  • Huntsville (Children's Dentistry): (256) 533-0757

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